28. September 2015 · Comments Off on Optimal Control Strategies for Massive Vehicular-Pedestrian Mixed Flows in the Evacuation Zone · Categories: Conference Papers, Publications

Authors: Xin Zhang and Gang-Len Chang

Conference:  TRB 2010 Annual Meeting, January 12, 2010

Status: Presented

This paper presents an integrated model for design of signal plans for massive mixed pedestrian-vehicle flows within the evacuation zone. The proposed model with its embedded formulations for pedestrians and vehicles in the same network can effectively take into their potential conflicts during the evacuation, and generate the optimal routing strategies for guiding evacuees moving toward either the pick-up locations or their parking areas. The core formulations is based on the cell-transmission concept, but the proposed model has been enhanced with the notion of sub cells proposed mainly to capture the complex movements in the pedestrian flows so that it can concurrently optimize both the signals for pedestrian-vehicle flows and the movement directions for evacuees. An illustrating example concerning the evacuation around the M&T stadium area has been used to demonstrate the promising properties of our model.

Download (Zhangxin_TRB_2010.pdf)


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