ATTAP is jointly initiated by the Office of Traffic and Safety (OOTS) at the Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) and the Center for Traffic and Operation at the University of Maryland, College Park (UMCP). This program exists since 2005.

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Goals and Objectives:

– Work in partnership with the University of Maryland
– Develop state-of-art traffic engineering analysis tools and technologies
– Provide traffic engineering technical expertise to University of Maryland students and staff
– Develop and maintain an internet-based traffic engineering innovation and information
resource site and
– Provide onsite support in traffic engineering analysis and applied operation to the Traffic Development and Support Division (TDSD)/OOTS – MDOT SHA

Research Areas:

– Traffic control and operations
– Traffic simulation modeling
– Travel time estimation and prediction system
– Real-time traffic monitoring and emergency evacuation
– Traffic safety analysis and evaluation
– Intelligent transportation systems
– Innovative highway geometric design and simulation

ATTAP Program Managers:

Dr. Gang-Len Chang
Professor, Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UMCP
Saed Rahwanji
Assistant Division Chief, OOTS, MDOT SHA
Minseok Kim
Team Leader, OOTS, MDOT SHA

Program Advisors:

Tim Smith
Administrator, MDOT SHA
Cedric Ward
Director, OOTS, MDOT SHA
Joseph Sagal
Acting Deputy Administrator of Operations in Hanover, MDOT SHA
Allison Hardt
Deputy Director, Office of Policy and Research, MDOT SHA
Steve Rochon

Team Members:

Dr. Yao Cheng, Faculty Assistant, UMCP
Yen-Yu Chen, Research Assistant, UMCP
Yen-Hsiang Chen, Research Assistant, UMCP
Yen-Lin Huang, Research Assistant, UMCP
Yi-Chi Lu, Research Assistant, UMCP
Yi-Ting Lin, Research Assistant, UMCP

Former Members:

Dr. Hyeonmi Kim, Associate Research Fellow, the Korea Transport Institute
Dr. Minsu Won, Associate Research Fellow, the Korea Transport Institute
Yaou Zhang, Traffic Engineer, EnTech Engineering PC
Dr. Sung Yoon Park, OOTS, MDOT SHA
Dr. Ruihua Tao, OOTS, MDOT SHA
Dr. Xianfeng Yang, Assistant Professor, University of Utah
Dr. Woon Kim, Senior Analyst, AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety
Dr. Mark L. Franz, Assistant Director of Outreach and Technology Transfer, NTC
Dr. Yue Liu, Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Dr. Peiwei Lin Wang, Lead Transportation Analyst, Noblis
Dr. Nan Zou, Professor, Shandong University in China
Dr. Xiaorong Lai, Senior Project Engineer, RK&K
Dr. Chien-Lun Lan, Research Scientist, Virginia Department of Transportation
Dr. Yang (Carl) Lu, Transport Specialist, Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Ranteg Rao, Director of Preconstruction, Doyle Construction Company
Dr. Liu Xu, Research Assistant, the University of Maryland at College Park
Anna Petrone, Map Data Engineer, Mapbox
Yukai Huang, Research Assistant, the University of Maryland at College Park
Gregory Kramida, Research Assistant, UMCP

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