Included in the below table are representative simulation files built on VISSIM platform, containing a wide range of different types of network, from urban intersections to freeway segments. These ready-to-use files can be used to identify traffic issues, develop various traffic control stratgies, and evaluate their performances. 

NameCategoryBrief descriptionSoftware VersionDownload File
US 29 BRTArterial signal optimizationDual-mode (buses and passenger cars) arterial signal optimization on US. Route 29, Maryland. ...moreVissim 11US 29 BRT
DongzhimenwaidajieTransit Signal PriorityUrban arterial with heavy volumes of passenger cars and buses on Dongzhimenwai Road, Beijing, China. ...moreVissim 11Dongzhimenwai
US301 at Croom Station RdDilemma Zone Protection System (DZPS)Calibrated network at US301@ Croom Station Rd with wide-range sensor deployed to enhance traffic safety...moreVissim 5.4US301 at Croom Station
CFIContinuous Flow Intersection
Hypothetical geometry of Continuous Flow Intersection
(CFI) for signal optimization ...more
Vissim 5.2CFI
2-leg CFIContinuous Flow Intersection
Hypothetical geometry of 2-leg Continuous Flow Intersection
(CFI) for signal optimization...more
Vissim 5.2CFI-2 leg
DDIDiverging Diamond Interchange
Hypothetical geometry of diverging diamond interchange (DDI) for signal optimization ...more Vissim 5.2DDI
MD 100Variable Speed Limit (VSL)A freeway segment, MD 100, with heavy commuting flows ...moreVissim 5.2MD100
North Avenue, BaltimoreArterial decompositionDual-mode (bus and passenger car) arterial signal progression North Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland. ...moreVissim 9North Avenue, Baltimore
LiufangbeijieArterial Signal
Arterial signal optimization on Liufangbeijie, Beijing, China...moreVissim 5.2Liufangbeijie
ZhubeiMulti-path arterial signal progressionMulti-path arterial signal progression at Zhubei, Taiwan ...moreVissim 5.2Zhubei Case study
ForestvilleTraffic Safety; Actuated Control; Coordinated ControlActuated and coordinated signal considering safety on MD 4, Forestville, Maryland. ...moreVissim 10Forestville
LanhamArterial Signal
Arterial signal optimization on MD 193, Lanham, Maryland....moreVissim 8Lanham
Kent IslandIntegrated control on a congested freeway segmentFreeway gating on US 50, Kent Island, Maryland. ...more
Vissim 9Kent Island
Old Georgetown RdArterial Signal
Arterial signal optimization on Old George Town, Bethesda, Maryland...moreVissim 9Old Georgetown Rd
Baltimore Ave, CPWork zoneWork zone with lane reduction on Baltimore Avenue, College Park, Maryland ...moreVissim 10Baltimore Ave, CP
Florida DDIDiverging Diamond Interchange
Calibrated network with diverging diamond interchange (DDI) and two neighboring intersections on University Parkway at I-75 in Manatee County, Florida. ...more

Vissim 10Florida DDI