28. September 2015 · Comments Off on Integrated Off-ramp Control Model · Categories: Conference Papers, Publications

Authors: Zichuan Li, Gang-Len Chang, and Suhasini Natarajan

Conference: The 11th International IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation System, October 2008 in Beijing, China

Status: Presented

Ramp metering is a very important method to improve freeway traffic system performance, but current researches emphasize only on the entering flow control, and not much attention has been paid to the exiting volume at offramp. In some situations, the exiting queue will decrease the overall system performance by a large magnitude. This is demonstrated by simulation experiments and field observation. In this study, a mix integer model is proposed to optimize the arterial and off-ramp control signal timing based on cell transmission traffic propagation model. A Genetic Algorithm based solution algorithm is proposed along with a numerical case study to demonstrate the benefits of this model.

Download (ZichuanLil_IEEE2008.pdf)

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