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03. August 2016 · Comments Off on Development of Planning-Stage Models for Analyzing Continuous Flow Intersections · Categories: Journal Papers, Publications

Authors: Xianfeng Yang, Gang-Len Chang, Yang Lu, and Saed Rahwanji

Journal: Journal of Transportation Engineering 2013

Unconventional Design: CFI

Purpose:  Developed a set of planning models for CFI geometry design based on the estimated maximal queue length for each link.

Despite the increasing use of continuous-flow intersections (CFIs) to contend with the congestion caused by heavy through and left-turn traffic flows, a reliable and convenient tool for the traffic community to identify potential deficiencies of a CFI’s design is not yet available. This is due to the unique geometric feature of CFI, which comprises one primary intersection and several crossover intersections. The interdependent relationship between traffic delays and queues at a CFI with five closely spaced intersections cannot be fully captured with the existing analysis models, which were developed primarily for conventional intersections. In response to such a need, this study presents a comprehensive analysis for the overall CFI delay, identifies the potential queue spillback locations, and develops a set of planning-stage models for the CFI design geometry. To facilitate the application of these proposed models, this paper also includes a case study of a CFI at the intersection of MD 4 and MD 235 constructed by the Maryland State Highway Administration.

Download (Development-of-Planning-Stage-Models-for-Analyzing-CFI.pdf)

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