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Authors: Gang- Len Chang & Nan Zou

Date: May. 1, 2009


This study aims to assist the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) in evaluating the performance of License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology and its reliability to support the travel time estimation applications on local arterials. The evaluation results will help SHA determine the effectiveness of using the LPR technology for improving work-zone operations. In this study, the research team at the University of Maryland designed a LPR-based real-time travel time estimation system and deployed the system at four different sites on southbound MD201 (Kenilworth Ave.). The evaluation results show that the LPR unit is able to capture about 65.9% of the passing traffic and correctly recognize about 72.5% of those captured plate images. The travel time estimation system was able to match license plates from 36.3% of the through traffic when most traffic volumes passed both LPR sites in the demonstration Period-1. The availability of matched license plates dropped significantly when there exists one or more major intersection and ramps between the two LPR sites.

Download (MD-09-SP708B4G_License-Plate-Recognition-Technology-Evaluation-Report.pdf)