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Date: Aug. 2012


The goal of this research was to develop a system that utilizes the dynamic detection technology and to evaluate the performance of this system. The first step of this study was to select an intersection experiencing a high frequency of crashes that could be remedied by a dilemma-zone protection system. Next, a dynamic dilemma-zone protection system was designed using three microwave sensors to track vehicles approaching the intersection on the major approach. The data collected by these sensors were then used in real-time to control the signal logic, providing green extensions and all-red extensions when pre-defined parameters of detected vehicles are met. To evaluate the performance of the system design and the appropriateness of the associated parameters, a field test was conducted. The data analysis included the identification of false called all-red extensions (related to efficiency) and missed all-red extensions (related to safety) to assess the overall performance of the newly installed dynamic dilemma zone protection system.

Download (MD-12-SP708B4J_Dilemma_Zone_Warning_System_Final_Report.pdf)