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Date: Dec. 29, 2009


This project produced an integrated computer system that enables engineers at the Maryland State Highway Administration to analyze the impact of a work-zone operational plan and to estimate the resulting cost/benefit. The proposed system consists of an intelligent user-interface, an analytical computing module, a microscopic simulation model, and an output analysis module. Depending on the nature of a proposed work-zone plan, one can either perform the preliminary estimate with the embedded analytical module or conduct an in-depth cost-benefit analysis with its simulation model. To capture the unique behavioral patterns of local drivers in response to perceived work-zone operations, this study conducted a series of field observations on car-following, lane-changing, and headway distributions among vehicles approaching lane-closure locations, and applied all field-observed information in calibrating key model parameters. This is to ensure that all analysis results produced from the proposed work-zone analysis program accurately reflect the actual benefits, costs, and resulting traffic impacts on Maryland’s highway.

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