28. September 2015 · Comments Off on PEDEVACUATION: The Emergency Evacuation Module of Pedestrians for Washington D.C. · Categories: Conference Papers, Publications

Authors: Xin Zhang, Gang-Len Chang, and Alvin Marquess

Abstract:  Evacuating large municipal areas during emergencies in an efficient manner is one of the critical concerns of most responsible management agencies. Previous studies focus mainly on strategic evacuation plans or controls for the passenger cars, giving inadequate attention to those pedestrians community with transit systems or other modes especially in metropolitan areas. This study has developed an evacuation planning module for pedestrians in Washington D.C. and integrates it with the system developed for passenger-car evacuation. The proposed module first guides people to the nearest metro-stations, and then applies the knowledge-based method to choose proper evacuation routes for shuttles to pick up evacuees. It also includes the plans for guiding pedestrians to the nearest evacuation route, and for dispatching shuttles need for their evacuation.

Download (Zhangxin_ITS08_1.pdf)

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