28. September 2015 · Comments Off on Developing a 24-Hour Large-Scale Microscopic Traffic Simulation Model for the Before-and-After Study of a New Tolled Freeway in the Washington, DC–Baltimore Region · Categories: Journal Papers, Publications

Authors: Chenfeng Xiong, S.M. ASCE,  Zheng Zhu, Xiang He, Xiqun Chen, Shanjiang Zhu, Subrat Mahapatra, Gang-Len Chang, M.ASCE, and Lei Zhang

Journal: Journal of Transportation Engineering 2015

Abstract: For determining highly dis-aggregate details about traffic dynamics, microscopic traffic simulation has long proven to be a valuable tool for the evaluation of development plans and operation/control strategies. With recent advances in computing capabilities, research interest in large-scale microscopic simulation has never been greater. This case study develops a 24-h large-scale microscopic traffic simulation model for the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. The model consists of over 7,000 links, 3,500 nodes, 400 signalized intersections, and over 40,000 origin-destination pairs. Various field measurements, such as time-dependent traffic counts and corridor travel times, have been used for model calibration/validation. The EPA’s Motor Vehicle Emission Simulator is linked with the microscopic simulation model for the estimation of environmental impacts. The calibrated model system has been used to comprehensively evaluate a newly built toll road in Maryland, the Inter-county Connector. Various network-level and corridor-level performance measures are quantified. The case study demonstrates the feasibility and capability of large-scale microscopic simulation in transportation applications. It establishes an example for modelers and practitioners who are interested in constructing a large-scale model system. The developed 24-h simulation model system of traffic and emissions has the potential to serve as a test bed for integration with other analysis tools, such as behavioral and optimization models.

Download (Developing-a-24-Hour-Large-Scale-Microscopic-Traffic-Simulation-Model-for-the-Before-and-After-Study-of-a-New-Tolled-Freeway-in-the-Washington-DC–Baltimore-Region.pdf)

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