28. September 2015 · Comments Off on Design of Real-Time Emergency Response System for Highway Networks Experiencing a High Frequency of Traffic Emergency Events During Peak Hours · Categories: Conference Papers, Publications

Authors: Woon Kim, Hyeonmi Kim, and Gang-Len Chang

Conference: Transportation Research Board, 2015

Abstract: This study proposed a general framework of real-time emergency response operations for highway networks experiencing a high frequency of concurrent traffic emergency events. The proposed system consists of three principal models, working collectively for estimating the probabilities of event occurrences, projecting the incident clearance time, and optimizing the location and coverage of available response units. The system is designed to assist responsible agencies in assessing the need to relocate available incident response units in real time operations, based on the available resources and detected traffic information. The empirical evaluation results showed that the dynamic real-time dispatch strategy can outperform the static dispatch and state-of-the-practice patrolling strategies with respect to minimizing the network-wide delay induced by events and waiting times of vehicles involved in the events for response.

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