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Authors: Seonyeong Cheong, Saed Rahwanji, and Gang-Len Chang

Conference: The 11th International IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation System, October 2008 in Beijing, China

Status: Presented

Abstract: This research is aimed to evaluate and compare the operational performance of three unconventional intersections: Continuous Flow Intersection (CFI), Parallel Flow Intersection (PFI) and Upstream Signalized Crossover (USC). For this purpose, various experimental designs, including traffic conditions, geometric features and signal plans, were set and the average delays were compared for movements of through-only traffic and left-turn-only traffic. From the results of analysis, all three unconventional intersections outperformed conventional one and among the unconventional intersections, CFI outperformed the others except for some traffic conditions. In the balanced traffic condition scenario, at the low traffic volume level, the average delays of through traffic for PFI were smaller than that of CFI and very similar at the moderate traffic volume level. And this research showed one possibility that the average delays of left-turn-only traffic at PFI will be closer to that of CFI as the traffic volume increases. In the unbalanced traffic condition scenario, under some traffic conditions, PFI outperformed CFI or showed very similar average delay with CFI. And generally, there were not much difference in the average delays between CFI and PFI as compared with that between CFI and USC under the experimental traffic conditions of this research. Considering the accessibility and land use problems of CFI, PFI is a good alternative to reduce the average delays, which is comparable to CFI, and as well reduce the property impact and cost.

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