28. September 2015 · Comments Off on AN INTEGRATED TRAFFIC CONTROL SYSTEM FOR FREEWAY CORRIDORS UNDER NONRECURRENT CONGESTION · Categories: Publications, Thesis / Dissertation

Author: Yue Liu

Type: Ph.D. Defense

Status: Completed

Year: 2009

Abstract: This research has focused on developing an advanced dynamic corridor traffic control system that can assist responsible traffic professionals in generating effective control strategies for contending with non-recurrent congestion that often concurrently plagues both the freeway and arterial systems. The developed system features its hierarchical operating structure that consists of an integrated-level control and a local-level module for bottleneck management. The primary function of the integrated-level control is to maximize the capacity utilization of the entire corridor under incident conditions with concurrently implemented strategies over dynamically computed windows, including diversion control at critical off-ramps, on-ramp metering, and optimal arterial signal timings. The system development process starts with design of a set of innovative network formulations that can accurately and efficiently capture the operational characteristics of traffic flows in the entire corridor optimization process.

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