28. September 2015 · Comments Off on AN INTEGRATED OPTIMAL CONTROL SYSTEM FOR EMERGENCY EVACUATION · Categories: Publications, Thesis / Dissertation

Author: Ying Liu

Type: PhD Dissertation

Status: Completed

Year: 2007

Abstract: How to effectively control evacuation traffic has emerged as one of the critical research issues in transportation community, due to the unusually high demand surge and the often limited network capacity. This dissertation has developed an integrated traffic control system for evacuation operations that may require concurrent implementation of different control options, including traffic routing, contraflow operation, staged evacuation, and intersection signal control. The system applies a hierarchical control framework to achieve a trade-off between modeling accuracy and operational efficiency for large-scale network applications. The network-level optimization formulations function to assign traffic to different evacuation corridors, select lane reversal configurations for contraflow operations, and identify the evacuation sequence of different demand zones for staged evacuation. With special constraints to approximate flow interactions at intersections, the formulations have introduced two network enhancement approaches with the aim to capture the real-world operational complexities associated with contraflow operations and staged evacuation.

Download (umi-umd-4551-Liu.pdf)

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