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The Lane Closure Analysis Program (LCAP), developed by University of Maryland for the Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration, is a tool to determine the available traffic capacity under freeway work-zone operations and to estimate the resulting queues from candidate work-zone schedules.

Two different versions are available:

  • LCAP-Basic: to estimate the available capacity of freeway work zones for a typical work-zone configuration and evaluate the resulting traffic queues.

Download LCAP v1.3 Basic (Last update: 9/26/2019)

  • LCAP-Pro: to estimate the available capacity of freeway work-zone operations on a complex roadway segment including ramp impacts by embedding an ability to execute TSIS-CORSIM, to perform detailed simulations of work-zone traffic conditions, and to compute the resulting queues at a microscopic level.

Download LCAP v1.2 Pro (Executable Only) (Last update: 10/5/2009)

Download LCAP v1.2 Pro Setup Package (Last update: 3/3/2009)

Download (LCAP_INTRO_website-May2019.pdf)

LCAP Final Report