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Presentations at 2020 TRB Annual Meeting

At 2020 TRB 99th Annual Meeting, several papers authored by ATTAP members are presented. The topics include traffic signal optimization and transit signal priority.

Presentations at 2019 TRB Annual Meeting

At 2019 TRB Annual Meeting, five papers authored by ATTAP members are presented. The topics include traffic signal optimization, traffic safety analysis at an intersection, and incident duration estimation.

Lectern presentation on TRB 2018

Hyeonmi Kim made a lectern presentation about an arterial-based transit signal priority control system on TRB's 97th Annual Meeting, January 7-11, 2018, in Washington, D.C. The system consists of a pre-timed bus-based progression model and a real-time TSP model.

Dilemma Zone Protection System

ATTAP analyzed field data collected from one of the intersections with dilemma zone protection system(DZPS). The analysis focused on short-term impacts on driving behaviors. The evaluation results also showed that the DZPS provide 100 detection rate to red light running vehicle.

Presentation at The Hong Kong University

Dr. Gang-Len Chang gave a distinguished lecture on the subject of contending with urban traffic congestion at The University of Hong Kong in December 2015.

Phase-III contract offered

Baltimore Evacuation System

When emergency events occur in the urban area, people in the impact zone must be evacuated to the safe locations as soon as possible. An off-line system and an online system are developed for different agencies

I-270 Traffic Analysis

With field studies on I-270 during morning and evening peak hours, our members identified most congested bottlenecks and figured out some potential strategies that will contribute improving traffic conditions.

Xianfeng's Dissertation

Xianfeng Yang finished and received his Ph.D. degree. The dissertation title is “Integrating of Arterial Signal and Freeway Off-ramp Controls for Commuting Corridors”.

Dilemma Zone

The dilemma zone refers to the area where drivers experience difficulty with stop/go decision making when presented a yellow indication. An all-red extension system is developed to protect vehicles in such scenarios.

Real-time Control

To mitigate the congestion and queue spillback near off-ramps, we developed a real-time control system which consists of three primary stages, including data collection, data analysis, and signal priority control.


ATTAP, being one of leaders in unconventional intersection designs, developed a series of methods and tools to boost the application and improvement of such strategies.

Variable Speed Limit

Dynamically adjusting the speed limits can help smooth the speed transition between the upstream free-flow and downstream congested traffic states, thereby preventing the sudden speed drop and the formation of an excessive queues.

Traffic and Incident Management

Evacuating the travelers in case of extreme climate conditions is a serious challenge. A Traffic and Incident Monitoring and Management System is developed to encounter this issue.

Woon's Dissertation

Woon Kim finished and received her Ph.D. degree. The thesis title is “Development of a Traffic Incident Management System for Contending with Non-concurrent Highway Congestion”

Drone as a Tool for Traffic Enfineering

This presentation demonstrates the potential use of the drone in the aspect of traffic management, as well as comprehensively proposes both hardware and software which supports the drone operation.


ATTAP is jointly initiated by the Office of Traffic and Safety (OOTS) at the Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) and the Center for Traffic Safety and Operations at the University of Maryland, College Park (UMCP).nakliyat

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Control & Operation            Safety                Application Tools

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Recent Presentations and Activities


A Tour Guide to ATTAP


Publications and Presentations Related to UIDS

2nd-DZ protection system US 40 and MD 910C

Arterial-Friendly Local Ramp Metering Control Strategy


The application of Drone


Integrated Variable Speed Limit Control to Minimize Recurrent Highway Congestions


An Integrated Signal Control System to Mitigate Queue Spillback on Freeway Off-ramps


Introduction to Unconventional Intersection/Interchange Design in Maryland


Eastern-Shore Regional Traffic and Incident Monitoring and Management System


Introduction to Dilemma Zone Protection System


An Integrated Multi-modal Emergency Evacuation System for the Baltimore Metropolitan area - New


Introduction to MIDCAP and MUID

2nd-DZ protection system US 40 and MD 910C

Design of a Dilemma Zone Protection System

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