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The Lane Closure Analysis Program (referred to as LCAP) is developed for the Maryland State Highway Administration by the University of Maryland. This study intends to develop an advanced model for estimating work-zone capacities and produce an integrated and user-friendly computer program for SHA engineers/staff to analyze a variety of work-zone associated issues, including guidelines for work zone design, and methodologies for capacity estimation, traffic impact analysis, cost/benefit evaluation, lane-closure penalty assessment, as well as incentive/disincentive estimates for various implementation plans.


LCAP v1.2 now has two versions, Basic and Pro versions. The Basic version provides users tools for quick estimation of the delay caused by work-zones with its integrated capacity model, which is developed and calibrated with Maryland¡¯s driving behaviors. The Pro version integrates a microscopic simulation module, which can estimate the impact of the work-zone with consideration of more factors, including complex geometry features and drivers interaction to work-zone warning signs and traffic conditions.


LCAP v1.3 Basic (Executable Only) (last update: 09/26/2019)

LCAP v1.3 Basic Package (last update: 09/26/2019)

LCAP v1.2 Pro (Executable Only) (last update: 10/5/2009)

LCAP v1.2 Pro Setup Package (last update: 03/3/2009)