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46 Woon Kim finished her Ph.D. dissertation - 2014-03-12 / 15:51:17   
Woon Kim successfully finished and received her Ph.D. degree. The thesis title is "Development of a Traffic Incident Management System for Contending with Non-recurrent Highway Congestion".
45 MUID workshop held for MDSHA officials - 2013-12-19 / 13:46:26   

Office of Traffic & Safety - Maryland State Highway Administration (MDSHA) held a workshop on 12/12/2013 to present Maryland Unconventional Intersection Design (MUID) to MDSHA highway engineers and planners. The Applied Technology & Traffic Analysis Program (ATTAP) team (Saed Rahwanji, Minseok Kim, Sung Yoon Park, and Hyeonmi Kim) prepared and presented the workshop. This workshop consists of three sessions. The first session introduces the general concept of the Unconventional Intersection Designs. The second session focuses on the Unconventional intersection/interchange designs which are popular in Maryland including Superstreet/Maryland J-turn, Continuous Flow Intersection (CFI), Continuous Green-T intersection, Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI), Single Point Urban Interchange (SPUI), and Double Roundabout Interchange. This session discusses advantages, disadvantages, locations, and considerations of design and operation. The last session contains case studies on the signalized Superstreet of MD 3 @ Waugh Chapel Road, DDI of MD 295 @ Arundel Mills Blvd, and CFI T-intersection of MD 200 @ US 1. The last session also has an introduction to Unconventional intersection design analysis software, MIDCAP (Maryland Intersection Design & Capacity Analysis Program) and MUID (Maryland Unconventional Intersection Designs), with hands-on practices.
44 4 new papers have been completed for 93rd TRB annual meeting in 2014 by ATTAP members - 2013-12-19 / 13:44:29   
4 new papers have been completed for 93rd TRB annual meeting in 2014 by ATTAP members
43 ATTAP presented to delegations - 2013-12-19 / 13:40:24   

Saed Rahwanjipresented the Applied Technology and Traffic Analysis Program (ATTAP) toseveral delegations visiting Maryland State Highway from Germany, Brazil and Japan. The presentations covered the programs activities and focused on the Unconventional/Innovative Interchange and intersection designs. The ATTAP website contains many of the designs discussed with the appropriate simulation animations and concept descriptions with references to several traffic engineering analysis programming applications underway.
42 Eastern Shore Traffic Monitoring System extension - 2013-12-19 / 13:14:39   
Dr. Gang-Len Chang's Traffic Safety and Operations Center has recently been awarded a project of $542,778 over a period of 18 months to design and operate an Advanced Incident Response System for the Eastern Shore region. This project, sponsored jointly by FHWA/MDSHA, is an extension of Dr. Chang's Intelligent Transportation System research over the past 10 years on Ocean City and Eastern Shore. The focus of this phase is to provide the estimated traffic delay and duration due to a detected incident, including the predicted travel time during incident clearance operations, the criteria and models to guide any necessary detour operation, and the resulting time-varying traffic impact to both motorists and the entire region.
The results of this research will be integrated with Dr. Chang's other $1.5 million on-going projects ( to develop a test bed for advanced traffic management systems for Maryland State
Highway Administration.
41 MDQI (Maryland Quality Initiative) presentation on "National Prespective on Diverging Diamond Interchange" - 2013-12-19 / 13:13:45   
MDQI (Maryland Quality Initiative) presentation on "National Prespective on Diverging Diamond Interchange" is available. Click here for more information
40 ATTAP's visual simulations on UAID are referenced on TEDx Talks event - 2013-12-19 / 13:12:25   

ATTAP's visual simulations on UAID are referenced on TEDx Talks event about unconventional Intersections. For more information, please click the following link
                          "Can we live with traffic?" by John Sangster at TEDx Virginia Tech
39 New on-line simulation tool developed by ATTAP - 2013-01-10 / 15:48:58   

UMDTEST (Universal Modular Distributed Traffic Extendable Simulation Toolkit) , a web-based modular traffic simulation platform has been developed by ATTAP. Currently, it can employ either of two simulation engines: (1) a vehicular evacuation simulation and optimization engine based on research by Xin Zhang and (2) a freeway macro-particle simulation model (MPSM)

ESSIM (Eastern Shore Simulator), a web-based evacuation simulator for Ocean City and the Eastern Shore region has been developed using the UMDTEST framework. The demo is currently available at the website

38 6 new papers have been completed for 92th TRB annual meeting in 2013 by ATTAP members - 2012-11-21 / 9:29:30   
1. Transit Priority Strategies for Multiple Routes under Headway-based Operations

Yongjie Lin, Xianfeng Yang, Gang-Len Chang, Nan Zou

2.  Development of Planning Framework for the Geometry Design of Continuous Flow Intersections

  Xianfeng Yang, Gang-Len Chang, Yang Lu, Saed Rahwanji

3.  Proactive Optimal Variable Speed Limit Control for Recurrently Congested Freeway Bottlenecks

Xianfeng Yang, Yang (Carl) Lu, Gang-Len Chang

4.  A Multi-stage System for Planning Analysis and Signal Design of Diverging Diamond Interchange
Xianfeng Yang, Gang-Len Chang, Saed Rahwanji

5. Design and Evaluation of Operational Strategies for Deploying Emergency Response Teams in a Commuting Corridor: A Case Study of the Capital Beltway

Shanjiang Zhu, Woon Kim, Gang-Len Chang, Steve Rochon


Gang-Len Chang, Mark L. Franz, Yue Liu, Yang (Carl) Lu, Ruihua Tao

37 A Success research accomplishment for the Applied Technology and Traffic Analysis Program (ATTAP) led by Professor Chang - 2012-11-01 / 17:47:54   
The high speed, isolated rural intersection of US 40 and Red Toad Road, in Cecil County, MD had experienced 89 crashes between 2000-2010, with 45% of those crashes were potentially related to dilemma zones (a term used to describe the situation when a motorist can neither stop nor clear intersection at during the yellow interval). To address this issue, the Applied Technology and Traffic Analysis Program (ATTAP) in collaboration with the Maryland State Highway Administration (MD SHA) designed and installed a state-of the-art dynamic dilemma zone protection system at this intersection.
The system incorporates a microwave sensor that continuously tracks vehicles as they approach the intersection. This tracking feature allows the system to estimate if a vehicle can clear the intersection before the side street traffic is released. For those vehicles that need extra time to clear the intersection, an all-red extension interval is call, thus holding the side street traffic for up to 2.5 additional seconds to allow approaching vehicle(s) to safely cross the intersection. Since the system was installed and activated in late 2011, no crashes related to dilemma zones have been reported. The success of this system has peaked the interest of Maryland SHA officials who has asked the research team to design and deploy similar dilemma zone protection systems for more high speed rural intersections. The system is in the process for applying the US patent.
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